Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not Cancer

More good news at the Horne house today. A couple weeks ago I went in and had a few moles checked. They said they'd call if they found anything wrong, otherwise everything was fine. Well, they called. One of the moles they biopsied was "changing." I went in today and they checked it out a little more. Its not a normal mole, but its not a melanoma either. It falls somewhere in between. The doctor removed it and some of the margin around it to make sure it never had the chance to become cancer. I got three stitches, and I'll have a small scar, but I am totally ok with that. Since I grew up playing outside ALL the time in the Florida sun, I know skin cancer is something I need to watch for, but I am glad to say everything is ok for now.

In other Horne house news, our yard is finally under control. When we bought our house it was a completely unfinished mess. The weeds were 4 feet tall, and there was broken glass, trash, and rocks everywhere. Our lot was the last one in the neighborhood to be built, and I think our yard was the dumping ground for a long time. We still haven't planted any trees or flowers yet, but we'll get there. At least its not totally embarrassing now.


Desiree said...

I'm glad your mole isn't cancerous. Being fair skinned, I have to watch that too. Not fun. But okay when it's good news.
Beautiful yard by the way. You guys have been making some beautiful improvements. What are you going to do when it's all done: basement and yard??? :)

EHorne said...

We should have thrown you a big hat party before you told anyone you didn't have cancer... you could have gotten a lot of cool, free hats! Next time...