Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last one for now...

The "best of" Nan and Pop's most recent trip.

Maggie is getting really good at rolling over and tummy time:

Amos is into riding his truck:

Happy, nakey Maggie:

One thing you can count on with Amos, there is always lots of kissing:

You can also always count on him to do something random, like sitting on the toilet and just hanging out:

One of Amos' new favorite pastimes-jumping off the couch whether someone is there to catch him or not:

The sun was bothering Maggie:

One night Amos decided it would be really fun to roll Maggie over and over. He would roll her over and then clap really excited. It was cute, but Maggie wasn't quite sure if she liked it:

And that's all.

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