Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter with Nan and Pop

We had a great Easter this year. Nan and Pop acted as the Easter bunny, and they did a great job. Amos (and Eric and I) loved eating all the candy.

The adults colored Easter eggs on Saturday night after the kids went to bed. Once again, Eric proved to be the scroogiest Scrooge of all holidays and fun. For some reason, I only took pictures of my own eggs (that's just rude), but there were some very good ones by Nan and Pop too.

We went to brunch at Zermatt in Midway on Easter afternoon. Brunch at Zermatt has been declared an official Horne tradition, and I couldn't be more thrilled. They have great food, great scenery, and really fun things to do.

We propped Maggie up at the table, she was so good the whole time. She loves being part of the action:

I kid you not, Amos was dipping his blueberries and blackberries in melted butter before eating them. He also had a "little" chocolate from the chocolate fountain:

This was the first time we've been there when the carousel was running and Amos got to take his first, of what I am sure will be many, rides:

It was a such a beautiful day, we decided to walk off our brunch (or at least a little bit of it!):

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Anonymous said...

Laura! You're actually in a picutre!! You look great!