Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Camden Aquarium

While we in PA (yes, over a month ago) we took a little half day trip to the Camden Aquarium. I expected TONS of oohing and ahhing from Amos, but he was TERRIFIED. He clung to Pop like a little monkey. It was so sweet, but poor Pop had to carry him all day. That kid is "light," but he sure gets heavy fast.

For whatever reason, the only thing Amos really warmed up to was this lobster:

Amos HATED the shark tunnel and the huge, wall sized tanks:

Oddly enough, one of the coolest things to see were the hippos. They were really neat. I don't actually have a picture of the hippos, but here are Amos and Pop looking at them:

Amos did ok with the "touch and feel" water tanks, but he was only interested in splashing in the water, not the starfish, sea cucumbers, sting rays, sharks (that's right, I touched one!), etc.:

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