Monday, April 20, 2009

The 'burb

I don't believe we've discussed the awesomeness that is "The Suburban" yet. My parents were downsizing some vehicles last summer, and in the process we inherited "The Suburban." It couldn't have come at a better time, since we needed a big vehicle for moving, basement finishing, and more space for Maggie's car seat.

Here is why "The Suburban" is awesome:

1. I learned to drive how to drive in it. 10 YEARS AGO. I do not drive any better today than I did back then.

2. It is lowered and has tinted windows. Hispanic people offer to buy it on a regular basis.

3. It has a TV and VCR in it. This came in very handy on our last trip to Boise when Amos watched Space Jam three times. The movie came complimentary with the car, i.e., we found it under the seat.

4. It still has a built in car phone. No service, but the phone is definitely there.

5. The windshield wipers are "intermittent at best" (to quote my Mom), but they've always worked when we needed them too, like to pass inspections.

6. When we moved to Springville it still had Idaho plates. People still ask us what part of Idaho we moved from.

7. When the Shaver family moved from Florida to Oregon, we drove "The Suburban." We pulled a trailer carrying the family dogs and other items not allowed on the moving truck. We also had the family turtles in the car with us.

8. It has lived in: Florida, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah.

9. It was my Mom's car, and I want to be just like her when I grow up. My Mom used to spend like 8 hours a day in it chauffeuring us all over town. I will most likely do the same for Amos and Maggie and any other Horne children someday.

10. Its about to have its 120th birthday (as in 120,000 miles).

11. It has a 44 gallon tank. That gets us all the way to Boise without any stops. On our last trip to Boise my Dad filled it up for me. That's 44 gallons of AWESOMENESS.


Anonymous said...

That is one sweet ride!!

Alicia said...

Laura, I remember many a ride in that bad boy! One time, when I missed the bus to school and I had a HUGE test that day, I called your mom since I knew she stayed at home. She drove SOUTH and picked me up, then all the way to Dunbar middle off MLK. I still remember that day driving with her and I am still appreciative that she would actually do that. Either way, the suburban was amazing for carpooling!