Monday, April 20, 2009


I feel like we hear a lot about money these days. Actually, if I hear the phrase "today's economic climate" one more time, it might kill me. Anyway, as a part of my New Year's resolution I have started to pay more attention to our money.

It all started when my friend Britni asked me how much Amos' fruit snacks cost and I couldn't even ballpark it. I have bought those fruit snacks like 6,000 times, and I had no idea how much I was spending on them. So, I went to Costco, armed with a notebook a calculator (yes, like a big dork) and I wrote down the prices and quantities of all the things we usually buy. I was really surprised to find out that some of the things we buy all the time were not a good deal at all. I also realized I didn't necessarily even know what a good deal was.

Since then I've started to pay much better attention to things, and I've started to shop a whole new way. I heard about the Coupon Mom on Oprah, the View, our local news, etc., etc. but it didn't make any sense until I read her ebook that you can download here.

From there I learned how to read that crazy foreign language "couponer's speak" from the website Pinching your Pennies, particularly, the Utah forum, and the Albertson's threads.

I've had some very crazy shopping trips (we'll talk about the 30 boxes of gushers someday), I've been way out of my comfort zone sometimes, and I've definitely been annoyed by those crazy ladies with all those coupons for years, but I am starting to see that they've got a really good thing going here. Saving money is cool.

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