Monday, March 9, 2009

Yes We Can

We did it! We're back from our trip to Pennsylvania, and I can't believe how quickly and smoothly the whole thing went.

Eric was a master at organizing and moving the luggage/car seats/strollers/children/diaper bags:

Amos and Maggie were both sooo good on the plane, I couldn't be a prouder Momma. 4 1/2 hours is a long time for me to sit in one place, I don't know how the babies did it. Maggie wins MVP, but Amos was a close second.

Our lap baby:

Amos was a big boy in his own seat:


Anonymous said...

Impressive travelers! maggie looked so cute on Eric's lap. What a little doll! I was going through withdrawls from updates to your blog :) Looks like you had fun on your trip!

deveney said...

you never told me you got the cake bag!! it looks beautiful in the picture, am i crazy to notice that??

Laura Horne said...

Oh, Dev! I owe you and your great taste for that one. I get compliments all the time, and I think of you.