Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paying Attention Update

I thought I'd break up the Pennsylvania trip pictures with a post about me. As you might remember, my New Year's Resolution was to pay attention more. So, a few of the things I have been paying attention to are: what I eat, how much I weigh, and how much I am exercising.

I would like to thank the Wii Fit for help with this. I've been weighing myself and working out everyday Monday-Friday. Here is my month of February:

Please notice the perfect stamps. Also notice my chubby little Mii. She's cute.

Anyway, what I've learned so far:

1. I'm happier when I am comfortable in my body
2. One big treat won't hurt me
3. Ten big treats will hurt me
4. Hard work is rewarding
5. I've got great family and friends to support me


Laura Denner said...

Yay for Wii Fit! I loooove mine! I finally dipped down to the healthy BMI section and I was excited...I inched back up a day later but at least I'm on the right track :) I love hoola hoop!

Laura Horne said...

I feel you on that-I just got the darn thing to stop telling me I am obese. Bleh.