Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have so much to blog about, and it is so out of order, I apologize. I am getting it done in the order I remember it, which isn't necessarily the order of importance. Because, if I were doing important things first, I would have started with my GOLDEN birthday. Yes, 25 on the 25th.

Its not important because its all about me, but its important because Eric made it so wonderful. I was in Boise on my birthday, and he was in Utah, so it was a sad day to be apart. He completely made up for it when I got home on Saturday though. I came home to a sparkling house, a homemade birthday cake, and presents! Eric worked soooo hard all week while the kids and I were gone, and he had not one, but two very big accomplishments to gift me. I can't decide which one I like better.

1. He finished drywalling the entire basement. We're talking 1600 sq feet all by himself. That big pile of drywall is hung:

2. He built me a garden. We missed having a garden last summer because we moved into our new house during planting season, and we didn't have a yard, much less a garden spot. Eric knows that vegetable gardens are my favorite, and I plan to reward him with many "Peter Rabbit" dinners (made from vegetables from the garden, get it?) Here is my very awesome garden spot:

From the back porch:

And the close-up (there aren't any plants in there because they are all still in the jiffy greenhouse in the kitchen):

He also planted me some flowers. Just kidding, those are weeds, but aren't they pretty weeds?:


Princess Maggie has been doing a lot of growing lately. She is getting so big. I think she's finally passed through the newborn/infant stage into being a real baby. I like babies in general once they're a little bigger, can hold their own heads up, etc. and my own kids are no exception. Maggie has started to roll over, its really cute. She's so deliberate about it.

Yesterday I found her "snuggling" with one of Amos' socks. It was cute, and a little gross:

Some more pictures of the Princess:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Shower

In between our PA and ID trips my good friend Britni was nice enough to let me throw her a baby shower. It was a couple of weeks ago now, and I can't believe it, but baby Claire was born last Thursday. She made it into this world before I had a chance to blog about her baby shower. She must have known, that once again, I forgot to take pictures. I even promised Britni I would remember too. The only pictures I have Eric took before the party started. What is wrong with me? Sheesh.

At least Britni and 'Claire' sorta've
made it into the picture.

Let's Have a Vote...

Eric James Horne would liked to be considered as a potential contributor to my blog. As some of you may remember, he was once a contributor, but was uninvited just prior to Amos' birth. The reasons for his termination were twofold:

1. He never once made a single post
2. He started his own blog

So what do we think? Take him back?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Madness

Our March has been exhausting! We just got home from another great trip to Boise. Bear with me, I don't have great pictures from this trip. Apparently 7 Shavers, plus all of their loved ones, isn't enough for someone to remember to take pictures.

Its seems like such a small part of our trip now, but the purpose of our trip was to see the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament. It was a really fun time watching basketball (college basketball is my favorite sport to watch by far). We saw some good games-Utah State, FSU, Wisconsin, Xavier, and Missouri. The Utah State game was really fun because they had some great fans. Its so much better when the crowd is invested.

Josh Iverson, Laura Horne, Eric Horne, Cindy Shaver, Liz Iverson

After the weekend of basketball ended we mostly hung out in Eagle. The whole "Shaver" family, plus spouses and kids, were all at Grammy and Grampy's house for approximately 8 hours. Unfortunately it was 8 hours of nighttime, so we couldn't get a picture coordinated. Sad. In classic Shaver fashion, the only time we took a picture was right after we'd all woken up and someone was missing:

Kate Sookhoo, Laura Horne, Anna Shaver,
Carrie Iverson, Liz Iverson, and Ali Iverson

During the week we had fun adventures at the park, hiking table rock, playing at Eagle Day Spa, bowling, and eating. I turned 25! (yikes!) on Wednesday, so the family surprised me with dinner at the Melting Pot on Tuesday. Yum.

Me and my kids on my 25th birthday. I don't know why I am smiling like a goofus:

While we were in Boise we got to see Meg's new apartment. It is so weird that the 'baby' our family has her own place:

Liz Iverson, Steve Sookhoo, Kate Sookhoo

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Big Slide

Yesterday was a VERY big day for Amos. He learned to go on the twisty slide all by himself. Eric took him to the park last night and they had such a great time. Eric did the slide with Amos once, but after that Amos was his own man.

I can't believe how brave Amos is!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another series.

This one is great. Maggie totally buckled to the peer pressure.

Side by Side Comparison

There is an ongoing debate over who Maggie looks like, and I would like to present some evidence.

Exhibit A. Maggie at 4 Months.

Exhibit B. Amos at 4 months.

While I was looking for a picture of Amos I found one of him holding his own bottle at four months. Maggie's got some work to do to catch up so she can hold her own bottle.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


My second favorite part of our trip to Pennsylvania was the weekend I got to spend with my sister, Kate, and her husband, Steve (i.e. the Sookhoos). Truthfully, it probably would have been first place, but we stayed up until 4 a.m. one night, and it made me feel SOOO sick. I am too old for that kind of excitment.

Eric, Amos, Laura, Maggie, Kate, Steve

Maggie and Amos stayed with Nan and Pop, so I was a free woman! It was awesome. We shopped and shopped at the King of Prussia Mall. We ate yummy food and saw a great movie. It reminded me of when I visited Kate and Steve as a single college girl. Boy, that was a different time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gym Time

My favorite part (and there was some tough competition) of our trip to PA was taking Amos to visit Grandma Nancy at the gym where she works. We went when there weren't any classes scheduled, so Amos had the entire place to himself. He was in little kid heaven! There was absolutely everything a little boy could want...

Unnamed rolly things:


Uneven bars:

Foam pits:

And multiple trampolines:

Paying Attention Update

I thought I'd break up the Pennsylvania trip pictures with a post about me. As you might remember, my New Year's Resolution was to pay attention more. So, a few of the things I have been paying attention to are: what I eat, how much I weigh, and how much I am exercising.

I would like to thank the Wii Fit for help with this. I've been weighing myself and working out everyday Monday-Friday. Here is my month of February:

Please notice the perfect stamps. Also notice my chubby little Mii. She's cute.

Anyway, what I've learned so far:

1. I'm happier when I am comfortable in my body
2. One big treat won't hurt me
3. Ten big treats will hurt me
4. Hard work is rewarding
5. I've got great family and friends to support me

4 Month Check-up

Maggie had her 4 month check-up today, and she is doing great!

Photo courtesy of Nan and Pop.

Weight: 12 lbs, 14.5 oz (40%)
Height: 24" (40%)
Head: 39.8 cm (20%)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is a good one of the grandparents, their kids, and the grandkids. Everyone is present and accounted for.

(L-R) Amos Horne, Eric Horne, Maggie Horne, Laura Horne, Bruce "Pop" Horne, Nancy "Nan" Horne, Teagan Moyer, Laurie "Horne" Moyer, and Dan Moyer.


I thought this was a fun series of photos from our trip. Amos and Pop were playing outside in the dirt (not an unusual activity for those two).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Yes We Can

We did it! We're back from our trip to Pennsylvania, and I can't believe how quickly and smoothly the whole thing went.

Eric was a master at organizing and moving the luggage/car seats/strollers/children/diaper bags:

Amos and Maggie were both sooo good on the plane, I couldn't be a prouder Momma. 4 1/2 hours is a long time for me to sit in one place, I don't know how the babies did it. Maggie wins MVP, but Amos was a close second.

Our lap baby:

Amos was a big boy in his own seat: