Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Already?

We're still enjoying the benefits of a 3-day weekend, its Thursday, but it only feels like WEDNESDAY!

Maggie has been trying to rollover all week. She gets up on her side and then screams like Xena, the Warrior Princess. Its really funny. I think Amos has had enough though, because yesterday he pushed her the rest of the way over. Xena was yelling into the carpet then.

Amos is a wild monkey. We found these Robeez shoes in his drawer when we were cleaning it out yesterday. I tried them on him, just to see if they'd fit, and he hasn't taken them off since. He REALLY likes them. I am ok with it because its always a battle to keep shoes on the kid. Who cares if they're still two sizes too big?

(If you feel like he's looking at me like he thinks I'm stupid, you'd be right. I get that look a lot).

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