Monday, February 2, 2009

Maggie's Blessing

This weekend was Princess Maggie's weekend. We blessed her on Sunday, and it was a really special day. Grandma and Grandpa Shaver and Aunt Meg came for the blessing. We had a great blessing and the Princess didn't let us down.

Maggie was blessed in a very special dress. The dress has been passed down for 4 generations now. Both of her namesakes, her Great Grandma Margaret and my sister/her aunt Margaret, were blessed/Christened in this dress. My Dad and his brothers, as well as, me and my sisters were also blessed in the dress.

Our Family:

The Margarets:

The group (L-R) David and Britni Brown, Robert Johnson, Rodger Shaver, Maggie Horne, Meg Shaver, Cynthia Shaver, Josh Blade, Laura and Eric Horne. David, Rob, Josh, and Eric stood in the circle to bless Maggie.


Anonymous said...

How awesome! We had the opportunity to bless our nephew this weekend too!

MIke, Denise and Alia said...

Congratulations! Baby Blessings are so special. They are such special spirits and bring us such joy. I know you probably hear this a lot because I did, but they grow up just so fast. But I enjoyed every moment. I hope you do as well. Your kids are so cute, and you guys look so happy. Congrats again. Tell your Family I said HI!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the dress being handed down - very cool! And what a sweet girl you have! All of the pictures make it seem like she's such a good baby - she always looks so chill and mellow!