Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day/President's Day/Three Day Weekend

We had a GREAT weekend.

It started on Friday with the delivery of the drywall for our basement. We're so excited to have drywall. Its the best step of the finishing process, because you can see so much change for your hard work. Eric worked HARD hanging it all by himself. He did the bathroom and the guest room. He got all of the dry wall in the house before it started to snow too.

On Friday night we had a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphys. It was yummy, and festive. I've noticed that our Valentine's Day this year was more centered around food than any other holiday, including Thanksgiving.

Valentine's Day was pretty quiet. I made this really cool wall card for Eric, but he couldn't even tell what it said =( ("I love U"). I think he appreciated the thought. We had a yummy dinner cooked by Eric on the grill, put the kids to bed early, and watched a stupid movie. Perfect.

My big project for the weekend was Amos' room. We got a quilt as a gift from my Mom's best friend when he was born, and I always wanted to use it someway for his "big boy" room. I was going to wait until he was in a big kid bed, etc. but since I felt motivated to do it, I was smart enough to not put it off. The quilt is called the "100 Wishes" quilt. You can read on it the 100 things you want for your child. This was a big project, but it was definitely worth all the work. It makes all our other rooms seem kind of plain though...

We ended our Valentine's Day weekend eat-a-thon with the chocolate fountain on Sunday night. Eric and I don't like cake, so we had a chocolate fountain at our wedding instead of a wedding cake. We bought our own fountain to celebrate on our 1-year anniversary and now the fountain comes out every once in a while for special occasions.


Andrea said...

amos' room looks great. good job.

Chris and Paige Bell said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Hornes. Love the Bells

Four Boys and a Girl..On Our Journey with Five Kids. said...

LOVE Amos' room!! I have a 100 wishes diaper bag that I have used since Carter was born and I LOVE it!! Just curious, because I couldnt tell in the pics, but did you paint the ceiling a beige color? It looks really good and I've never been daring enough (and well, ceiling painting in on my list of hate jobs) to do such a thing. Good luck on the basement, can't wait to see pics when it's all done!! Oh, and I could totally read what your wall card said. :)

Andrea said...

I wish I was there that chocolate fountain looks FABULOUS!!!

Laura Horne said...

Thanks everyone!

Maria, I didn't paint the ceiling, but I think the builder did. I've never noticed it before you pointed it out. Its the same color as all of the walls, so I am wondering if they just sprayed it all at once? Ceiling painting is very scary to me too.