Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Already?

We're still enjoying the benefits of a 3-day weekend, its Thursday, but it only feels like WEDNESDAY!

Maggie has been trying to rollover all week. She gets up on her side and then screams like Xena, the Warrior Princess. Its really funny. I think Amos has had enough though, because yesterday he pushed her the rest of the way over. Xena was yelling into the carpet then.

Amos is a wild monkey. We found these Robeez shoes in his drawer when we were cleaning it out yesterday. I tried them on him, just to see if they'd fit, and he hasn't taken them off since. He REALLY likes them. I am ok with it because its always a battle to keep shoes on the kid. Who cares if they're still two sizes too big?

(If you feel like he's looking at me like he thinks I'm stupid, you'd be right. I get that look a lot).

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day/President's Day/Three Day Weekend

We had a GREAT weekend.

It started on Friday with the delivery of the drywall for our basement. We're so excited to have drywall. Its the best step of the finishing process, because you can see so much change for your hard work. Eric worked HARD hanging it all by himself. He did the bathroom and the guest room. He got all of the dry wall in the house before it started to snow too.

On Friday night we had a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphys. It was yummy, and festive. I've noticed that our Valentine's Day this year was more centered around food than any other holiday, including Thanksgiving.

Valentine's Day was pretty quiet. I made this really cool wall card for Eric, but he couldn't even tell what it said =( ("I love U"). I think he appreciated the thought. We had a yummy dinner cooked by Eric on the grill, put the kids to bed early, and watched a stupid movie. Perfect.

My big project for the weekend was Amos' room. We got a quilt as a gift from my Mom's best friend when he was born, and I always wanted to use it someway for his "big boy" room. I was going to wait until he was in a big kid bed, etc. but since I felt motivated to do it, I was smart enough to not put it off. The quilt is called the "100 Wishes" quilt. You can read on it the 100 things you want for your child. This was a big project, but it was definitely worth all the work. It makes all our other rooms seem kind of plain though...

We ended our Valentine's Day weekend eat-a-thon with the chocolate fountain on Sunday night. Eric and I don't like cake, so we had a chocolate fountain at our wedding instead of a wedding cake. We bought our own fountain to celebrate on our 1-year anniversary and now the fountain comes out every once in a while for special occasions.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Eric said this was too funny not to share:

Oh, the 80s were awesome. That's me, by the way.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mr. Mouthy

This outfit might go down as one of my all time favorites. Amos can get away with murder if he's wearing his suspenders, they're just so darn cute. The onesie with "Mr. Mouthy" on it doesn't hurt either.

And from the back...

February Already?

Its almost the middle of February no less!

Time is flying. We've been busy:

1. Changing diapers/making bottles/giving baths. There are twice as many "baby" things to take care of these days. Amos needs to become a "kid" real soon.

2. Combining/organizing our filing system. Since we've been married Eric and I have kept separate, often duplicate, files of all of our stuff. We finally combined and purged. It felt so good.

3. Cooking dinner. We haven't been eating out at all. I am not a great cook, but I am learning, and Eric is being patient. Eric cooks a lot of the time too. I love those nights! I miss eating out, but with two kids, I don't think I could handle the effort it requires.

4. Video chatting. We've discovered the power of video chatting through gmail, and we have gotten to talk a lot more to Nan and Pop, Grammy Cindy, and Aunt Anna lately. Amos in particular, LOVES it.

5. Basement work. I know we were going to finish it before Maggie was born, but life had different plans for us. Eric has been working sooo hard though, and we're ready to drywall. The drywall is ordered and will be delivered tomorrow just in time for the 3-day weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to get some good work done this weekend.

6. Watching Amos and Maggie grow. They are both getting "soooo big!"

Retroactive New Year's Resolution

I left my New Year's Resolutions pretty open ended this year. We were so busy, I didn't have much time to think about it. Now that things have settled and I've had time to think about my life a little this is my New Year's Resolution:

To pay attention.

Its retroactive, because I have been doing it since the first of the year, without even realizing it. I have been paying better attention to what I am eating, to the money I am spending, to the amount of t.v. I am watching, to the amount of exercising I am getting, to the time I am giving my family, and to the way I am feeling.

Having two children has really helped me to pay attention to every aspect of all three of our lives to make sure we're all taken care of physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I plan to expand on my paying attention more later, so here's to the start of something new. Happy New Year!

3 Months Old

This is a little late, but Princess Maggie is 3 months old. She has gotten so big! I swear when I got her out of her crib this morning she was bigger than we Eric put her there last night.

She is just starting to learn to roll over. She picks up her head and feet and tries to roll, but nothing really happens. Its cute how hard she tries. All I know is that she is going to have the best abs in the family.

To properly document Maggie's life at 3 months, a photo of Amos practically on top her should be included:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome to the World

Eric's sister, Laurie, had her first baby at 4:01 a.m. this morning (those "Hornes" are early risers). Even though they're so far away, we're so excited for them. It will be so great for Maggie to have such a good buddy, and the girls can double team Amos. Teagan was born 6lbs 11oz, and 19 1/2 inches. I should mention that she came on her due date too!

Welcome Teagan!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Word

We're officially declaring Amos' first word to be "baby." Its the first word he says and uses correctly. He says "Da da" and "ma ma," but they are used to describe just about everything. "Bah-bay," "bah-bah," and "bay-bay" are always and only directed at Maggie. He is growing increasingly interested in her. His latest thing is that he wants to pick her up. He can't lift her, so he usually succeeds in rolling her over.

Its amazing how quickly this:

Can turn into this:


and run...

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Princess

I just loved this picture of Maggie girl sitting up in Grammy and Grampy's bed:

Maggie's Blessing

This weekend was Princess Maggie's weekend. We blessed her on Sunday, and it was a really special day. Grandma and Grandpa Shaver and Aunt Meg came for the blessing. We had a great blessing and the Princess didn't let us down.

Maggie was blessed in a very special dress. The dress has been passed down for 4 generations now. Both of her namesakes, her Great Grandma Margaret and my sister/her aunt Margaret, were blessed/Christened in this dress. My Dad and his brothers, as well as, me and my sisters were also blessed in the dress.

Our Family:

The Margarets:

The group (L-R) David and Britni Brown, Robert Johnson, Rodger Shaver, Maggie Horne, Meg Shaver, Cynthia Shaver, Josh Blade, Laura and Eric Horne. David, Rob, Josh, and Eric stood in the circle to bless Maggie.