Friday, January 16, 2009

A Whole New Level of Crafting

I got a cricut from Eric for Christmas this year, and I am just now finding time to play with it. I am by no means a natural crafter, so I am enjoying being able to cheat a little bit. I've done a few projects to help me get acquainted with the cricut's capabilities, and here they are:

My first project was new "art" for the frames in our living room. Eric said, "Its a good thing its says 'home' or we might not know where we are."

Project #2 was a keepsake box for Princess Maggie. She is going to be spoiled rotten because I can't say no to pink. Or cuteness.

Project #3 was by far the most difficult. I made a vinyl sign for my laundry room wall. Eric is extremely opposed to vinyl on the walls, so I chose a room where he wouldn't have to see it. It took forever, and it was expensive. I could have bought a sign for cheaper. Oh well, it was good practice.

A special thank you goes out to Eric, who let me go to Roberts craft store pretty much every night this week, and who loves all my crafts whether they are good or not.

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Kris said...

good thing it doesn't say "HOE ME"

EHorne said...

That could explain our proliferate growth rate...

Laura Horne said... does day "ho me"

Kris said...

at least you're honest about it. keep those babies comin!