Thursday, January 22, 2009


Maggie is such a good baby its ridiculous. She's starting to have more awake time, and we've been trying to transition her from lying on the couch to the floor. The floor is much safer because she can't roll off of it, but its much more dangerous because Amos is running wild around it. He's getting much better, but every once in a while he'll run right over her. He always seems to drop his toys when he's right over her too. She is going to be a tough little girl with a big brother like Amos.


Deveney said...

she is so sweet! hope to get to meet her soon:)

Chris and Paige Bell said...

What a cutie! I need to see the family in real life. These pictures are adorable. Chris and I especially enjoyed the one of Amos and his pudding face.

Sean and Amy said...

Laura and Eric! Your children are so cute! I'm sorry that Amy and I never got to stop by before leaving. The move just happened too fast. However, we love seeing the pictures of Amos and Maggie!! Tell you parents "hi" for us. =p