Saturday, January 10, 2009

Early Spring Cleaning

I've decided to start on my spring cleaning early, since its likely to take me 4x as long as a normal person. Today I cleaned out our pantry. It was incredibly eye opening. We haven't even lived here a year yet, and it was so dirty and disorganized. It was a lot of work, but I am glad I did it, because we had food I didn't even remember. I'm feeling much more familiar with our food now. I think it will be easier to think of things to make for dinner, and easier to find the food now.

Everything emptied onto the counters:

And the "after":


Anonymous said...

Way to go. Pantry's seem to get that way after awhile. When we moved my mom could not belive how much food we had in our pantry.

Anonymous said...

You know what's nuts? My sis-in-laws pantry looks like the "after" all the time. She's nuts.