Sunday, December 7, 2008

Much Better Weekend

This weekend was much more successful than last. Its amazing how different things can be from week to week. The antibiotics have kicked in, and I feel MUCH better.

Friday night we went to Eric's work party. I know I say it a lot, but The Generations Network really knows how to party. The party was up at Zermatt in Midway, which I think is a very cool place. They had a full casino set up, a magician, comedy sportz, salsa lessons, and a music act all going on in different rooms. We had a great time wandering around eating and taking in all the entertainment. I learned I'm sorta've good at black jack too.

Saturday morning we went to the ward Christmas breakfast, and then the boys went to get the Christmas tree. I love how Amos is so interested in everything Eric does. We decorated the tree during Amos' nap. It was so cute when he woke up and saw all the ornaments. He just stood there in awe for a minute. Then he went for the nearest ornaments. We underestimated how tall he was, by just a little bit. Oops.

Saturday night was Thanksgiving Do-Over (see other post), and that brings us to today. We've have two very successful, fun days to make up for the 5 bad ones last weekend.

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