Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boy's Best Friend

While my Mom was visiting last week she bought Amos one of those kid leashes that he can wear on his back. Amos' has a monkey backpack, and the monkey's tail is the leash that I can hold onto. I have mocked parents who used the leashes, but I've come to realize there are certain situations where it might be highly beneficial. Its also pretty cute. He really likes it, and he's been asking us to put it on him. He wears it all around the house while he plays. We haven't used the leash feature yet, so I am not sure how that will go.

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Alicia said...

For the record, I was a leashed child (go figure) and I resent my parents for it every day. Not really... but I am a bit bitter, and mine was ugly and blue and attached to my wrist... at least Amos' is adorable and he likes it. Just don't let Maggie know about it and not leash her, otherwise Amos will hear about it for life.