Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girls' Night Out

Last night my Mom, Anna, and I went and saw "Forever Strong" at the movie theater in Spanish Fork. I have never been there before, but it was kind of cool. I guess I am easily swayed because it was "Free Popcorn Tuesday." It felt a little weird to be going to a movie with Maggie in the hospital, but Eric was right, I needed the break. Anything to pass the time until Friday helps. I feel even better about it because it was an awesome movie. I would highly recommend it.

The theater in Spanish Fork is nothing but pure class. This was the sign marking our theater:


Desiree said...

Good for you for taking a break.
haha. The signage is awesome. Spanish fork is the big time. I didn't even know they had a movie theater actually. I'm glad you liked the movie. We'll have to go see it.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - I saw the first Harry Potter movie at that theater (for some weird reason) and you are right, it is PURE class. LOVE the signs. :)

Chris and Deveney said...

awesome! that is very funny, glad you got a break--yeah today is the day, i hope everything goes well:)