Saturday, November 1, 2008

Crazy 8 Tag

My friend Annie tagged me on her Crazy 8 post, and I absolutely love these things (reading and filling out), so here it goes:

8 TV Shows I love to watch:
1. Survivor
2. The Amazing Race
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. The Hills
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Entourage
7. Friday Night Lights
8. The Office

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. The Horne House
2. Happy Sumo
3. Tree Room
4. Zoom
5. Carraba's
6. Cafe Rio
7. Foundry Grill
8. Melting Pot

8 Things that happened YESTERDAY:
1. A playdate with Kelli and Eli--my favorite!
2. A wild Halloween party at The Generations Network (where Eric works)
3. Amos wore his pirate costume
4. I woke up at 5 a.m. and stayed awake all day with NO naps
5. Trick or treating--for some people
6. Eric bought me a cherry coke and 2 crispy cremes!
7. Eric got a hot haircut
8. A quiet night at home with the family

8 Things I'm Looking Foward to:
1. Meeting new baby Horne
2. My family coming to visit next week!
3. Getting back into shape after 2+ years of being pregnant/nursing/just being lazy
4. Eric getting home every night
5. The holidays, especially the Horne's Christmas visit
6. All of Amos' and new baby's milestones and accomplishments
7. Our basement getting finished
8. Wearing non-maternity clothes and sleeping on my stomach

8 Things on my Wish List:
1. To be closer to family
2. Eric owning his own business (and it being successful, at least enough so I'm not a stress ball all the time)
3. EVERYTHING at Costco
4. Closure for "Lost"--it doesn't have to be this season, but eventually
5. New baby Horne being a really good sleeper
6. Good health for my family and friends
7. Calorie free ice cream, chocolate, french fries, and pizza
8. A back rub

8 People I Tag:
1. Eric
2. Emily
3. Deveney
4. Kelli
5. Kris
6. Britni
7. Laura
8. Paige

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! I knew I could count on you to actually do one of my tags!! I have a fun one coming up...

I love Lost and Amazing Race, too but I didn't have enough room on my list (I realize I'm a total couch potato!)

I'm very excited to see pictures of new Baby Girl Horne!! (Good luck with the labor and everything!)