Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boo Humbug

Its a good thing the Trunk-or-Treat was a success, because our Halloween ended a little tame/lame. The day started out exciting enough with a party at Eric's work, but after that it was all pretty much downhill. We were all ready for bed at about 6:30 p.m., but we forced ourselves (except Amos) to stay up for the trick or treaters. We watched "The Village" while we waited for the doorbell to ring. Our doorbell only rang 4 times all night =( Those kids were happy though, because they got a lot of candy from us. Unfortunately, we still have a big bowl of candy left.

This morning Halloween was already long forgotten and Eric, Amos, and I headed to Rod Works for some Christmas decorations. Rod Works was crazy busy (we're talking lines out the door!), but my boys were great and stood in line for me while I shopped. I should probably mention that we skipped right over Thanksgiving because the sale at Rod Works was only Christmas stuff. Anyway, I got some very cute Christmas trees and a "Ho ho ho" sign.

My "doorbuster" treasure (picture borrowed from the Rod Works blog):

We also got new baby Horne's crib this morning, and got it all set up in her room. Amos likes it, so hopefully she will too. I am still having a hard time believing she will be in it next week!

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