Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One year ago today... contractions announcing the arrival of baby Amos were starting just about this time. We'd been to the doctor a little earlier in the day, and at that point I hadn't had any contractions yet. He did give us the wink, wink as we left though, and said he'd be surprised if we made our next appointment.


EHorne said...

Yea for Amos!

EHorne said...

I guess I should have said - yea for you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (tomorrow, right?) to Amos!! And Happy very first Birthday to Baby Sister soon!

Laura Denner said...


Where in the world is the time going? I can't believe Amos is a year old! I'm sure you are even more astounded by it! I hope everything is going great for your whole family.


"The other Laura"