Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bean Party

For Amos' first birthday we had a fun party with a "Bean" theme. We ate: bean soup with rolls (made by the fabulous Kelli), bean dip, beanie weenies, jelly beans, and birthday cake with vanilla bean ice cream. Yummy! I have now sorted through the 273 pictures on Grandma Nancy's camera and have chosen a few to share (nowhere near 273).

Amos was only slightly interested in his cake. He did eat two cupcakes though:

Amos is a good sharer. I am gagging a little thinking about this:

Amos actually opened a few of his presents himself. He really liked the tissue paper:

The birthday boy with Mom and Dad. We're into stripes:

The food table:

The party people:

Dad and Amos eating jelly bean cupcakes:


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time! I saw Chris and Kelli - makes me miss the 'dance Days!! I love the flowers on your island - looks like the work of Artisan Bloom, maybe? NICE!

Andrea said...

the party looks like it was fun. you really did a great job. love the bean theme. sad i had to go and move and miss all the fun. hope you are well! (ps got here from dev's blog :) hope you don't mind. )

Laura Horne said...

Welcome Andrea! We missed you (and Dev) at the party.

The flowers are yet another Kellie Jackstein special. (I think Eric has her on speed dial).

EHorne said...

No speed dial, but we are Facebook friends.