Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Anna's Here

Anna (Sis. Shaver) returned home safely last night from her 18-month mission in Taichung, Taiwan. She arrived at the Boise Airport at 9:00 p.m. We wanted to be there so badly, but there's something about having a baby out of state without full insurance coverage that is prohibitive =( Anyway, I am pretty sure she had enough going on without us there too.

Morgan hadn't seen Anna since she was a couple months old, so she took a little getting used to.

She was anxious for some Mexican food after a year without it, so they took her right from the airport to Taco Bell. Nothing but the best after a year and a half =)

Anna remembered to come home bearing gifts, the universal Shaver sign of love.


MIke, Denise and Alia said...

I am so happy she is safe and healthy. When you see her tell her I said Hi and welcome back!!!!

Laura Horne said...

hey Denise! I can't see your email is if you want to invite me =)

And I will tell Anna you said hi.