Friday, September 12, 2008

Minnesota Amos

The trip to Minnesota was just a little bit about Amos too. I know he is too young to remember, but I really wanted to share with him all of those people and places that mean so much to me. He was an absolute angel the whole trip, I couldn't ask for a better kid. He's amazingly photogenic too...

By far the best picture of Amos from the trip. It might be up there in my all time favorites:

Amos had a little trouble comprehending all of the lawn ornaments:

I think this is the funniest picture of the Bean, he just couldn't stand that we were taking pictures of something other than him:

Amos loves his Grammy. With my Mom's sisters there he had three grammies!:

Amos picked out a car for himself:

The boys in Minnesota have better toys:

The kid wants to walk everywhere, and he won't wear shoes!:

He likes Grammy, but he was always really interested in what his Grampy was up to:

Amos is an incredibly brave little explorer. He's not scared of anything:

The kid spent HOURS in his carseat. Luckily he had Grammy back there with him to keep him company. Grampy's hat was nice too:

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