Monday, September 1, 2008


As in, I finally committed, and Eric thinks I should be committed. I have been wanting to paint some of our beige walls any other color for a while now. There is waaaaaay too much beige in our house (as in every single wall). The beige is a professional, flawless paint job though, so I really didn't want to mess it up.

Well, good ol' Home Depot had a sale on paint for Labor Day, so I committed and picked a color. VERY bright orange. I convinced Eric to go along with the project by telling him it would be burnt orange, and then I pulled the switcheroo and went with true ORANGE. I love it, and Eric is a good husband. For the record, I only painted an accent wall, and it is mostly covered by art.

Here's to one orange wall!


Kelli said...

wait a sec...shouldn't you be painting the baby's room? ;)

Anonymous said...

I do like the bold color - fun! But like Kelli says, what about baby girl's room? You'll have to show pictures!

Kris said...

hey, I have an orange wall with 2 canvases up too! Woah, you have GREAT taste girl. :) jk, but not really.
I'll post a pic someday soon.

Laura Horne said...

The new baby's room is still functioning as the guest room, so it won't get done until after the basement is finished...I did buy some pink paint during the sale though.