Monday, September 29, 2008

Amos' New Ride

Amos' feet have been hanging over the edge of his car seat for a while now, so we decided that it was time for a big boy seat. Not to mention that his little sister is going to need his old car seat soon. Amos loves the new seat! He sits there like a little prince jabbering away. It is so nice to be able to see him. I think he likes the view better too.

Breakfast in Bed

I would like to give Eric full credit for bringing me breakfast in bed on Sunday morning (after letting me sleep in). I am one very lucky girl.

Amos Asleep is Special

I have been a little sad this week as Amos' first birthday is rapidly approaching. I can't believe the first year of his life has just flown by. I was re-reading some of my blogs from the time around his birth, and I am so grateful for what a special time that was. I don't think I have ever been so excited for anything.

Anyway, the point of all this nostalgia is: today when I went to get Amos to go to the doctor's he was fast asleep, curled up like a little angel, and it made me HAPPY. I don't get to see him asleep very often, so when I do, it is special.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Goodbye to the 'Dance. Again.

Today was my third last day at in, the third time I had a last day working at Sundance. I have worked there on and off since I was 19, leaving once to finish college, once to have Amos, and now to have new baby Horne. My most recent stint was at the Spa, and I have to say, I loved it there. It was so peaceful, and the guests were always happy (at least while they were in the spa). I only worked a few hours on Saturdays, but it was nice to have somewhere to go, at least once a week. They say the third time is the charm, but I don't know if I will ever really quit Sundance.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekends are Special

With life so busy and crazy right now, I have really begun to appreciate the weekends. Two whole days as a family are priceless.

This weekend we didn't do anything particularly special, but we spent a lot of time together Eric, Amos, and I. Its a little sappy, but I just love to watch my boys play together. I love when Amos takes naps so Eric and I can have alone time, and I love when Eric takes Amos out so I can have alone time by myself.

One of my favorite things we did this weekend was going to Rod Works. Its a cute little home decoration store here in Springville (they have other Utah locations). I have been wanting to go in there for a long time, and when I got a 25% off coupon in the mail that was all the motivation I needed. At first, Eric told me he would watch Amos so I could go alone. I really like to have Eric with me to pick out stuff for our house though, so he agreed to come AND watch Amos so I still wouldn't have to worry about him in the store. I had a great time just browsing and browsing, while the boys helped me. We picked out a very cool tree to hang in our bedroom. I like the symbolism of the tree, and it looks good too!

Boys, Boys, Boys.

My boys have been having such fun adventures together. On Saturday, Eric and Amos went on a hike in Diamond Fork Canyon without me. I was lucky enough to get these shots from on location taken with Eric's cell phone:

Its hard to tell, but Amos is wearing his shoes! Good job Eric!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just for Fun

Eric thinks of ways to entertain Amos I could never imagine. Last night it was putting Amos' shorts on his head. Amos loves Eric, and Amos thinks everything Eric does is so funny. They are such good buddies.

Oh, and sweet Amos keeps bonking his head...currently he has a bruise and rug burn on his forehead. At least its cute.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stuck Bean

Today when we went to wake Amos up for church we found him like this:

He was peacefully asleep, but when the flash woke him up panic ensued. It was so sad, but a little funny:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Courtney's Wedding

Back in August (the 16th to be exact) we went to Golden, Colorado for my cousin, Courtney's wedding.

It's been a long time since we've been to Colorado, and to see some of the Shaver relatives, so it was really fun to go. Eric was able to meet more Shavers and I think that was the best part. Amos was with us, but he didn't make it into any pictures (amazing!).

"Shaver" cousins at the wedding:

My parents and my Uncle David's friend Lisa:

My Colorado cousins, Jessie and Courtney:

Where the Green Grass Grows

In our yard! The sod was delivered yesterday and Eric has been working hard to get it put down. I wasn't allowed to help, except to water. Luckily, we have great neighbors who came by to help, so Eric wasn't all alone.

Amos and I watched the work from the window. It was so cute, Amos would light up when he saw Eric. (Please disregard how dirty our windows are).

Friday, September 12, 2008

Minnesota Amos

The trip to Minnesota was just a little bit about Amos too. I know he is too young to remember, but I really wanted to share with him all of those people and places that mean so much to me. He was an absolute angel the whole trip, I couldn't ask for a better kid. He's amazingly photogenic too...

By far the best picture of Amos from the trip. It might be up there in my all time favorites:

Amos had a little trouble comprehending all of the lawn ornaments:

I think this is the funniest picture of the Bean, he just couldn't stand that we were taking pictures of something other than him:

Amos loves his Grammy. With my Mom's sisters there he had three grammies!:

Amos picked out a car for himself:

The boys in Minnesota have better toys:

The kid wants to walk everywhere, and he won't wear shoes!:

He likes Grammy, but he was always really interested in what his Grampy was up to:

Amos is an incredibly brave little explorer. He's not scared of anything:

The kid spent HOURS in his carseat. Luckily he had Grammy back there with him to keep him company. Grampy's hat was nice too:

Minnesota People

More important than the places are the people we got to see...

My four generations photograph. I've been really looking forward to getting this one. My mom, my grandma, and my son. Pretty cool:

My mom and her sisters at their parent's old lake cabin. The new owners weren't home, so we went around back and sat right on their patio for them. That was my Grandparents' patio furniture:

My Grandma and her brother, Chuck:

She's not Minnesota people, but it was great to see my sister Kate:

My Mom and her sisters with their Mom. L-R Virginia Westby, Audrey Young, Sharon Charbonneau, and Cynthia Shaver:

Amos and Aunt Sharon borrowing Grandma Audrey's wheelchair for a spin:

My uncles on my Mom's side, John Westby and Verl Charbonneau. Amos LOVED his great uncle Verl the best of all. It might have something to do with all of Verl's cool toys.

My Dad's brother, Robert Shaver, met us in Minneapolis for lunch one day:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Minnesota Places

I don't know how many people know this, but Minnesota is a big part of my recent family history. Both of my parents grew up there. I spent two weeks on Swan Lake in Fergus Falls, MN every summer for as long as I can remember. The trips stopped as we got a little older, but I have such great memories of the lake, fishing, pontoon boats, tennis in the park, card games, and eating Grandma's good cooking. Being there again made me really want to be a kid again.

During our trip we got to see all of the Fergus sites...

Swan Lake. My two sets of Grandparents had cabins on opposite sides of the lake, so we would split our time there in the summer. Sometimes we would take the pontoon across, sometimes we would drive around, and occasionally we would try to swim across. Neither cabin is there anymore, they've both been sold in recent years and then replaced by newer, fancier cabins. Its not the same:

The cemetery where Grandpa Young (my Mom's Dad) is. That is their lake cabin on the marker:

The cemetery where the Shavers (my Dad's parents) are:

Dairyland, where my Mom used to work in high school and where we would eat for a special treat:

The otter at Grotto park. I used to climb up there. Not this trip =)

We also saw my parent's elementary, middle, and high school, and both families' houses in town.

Home from Minnesota

Amos and I are back from Minnesota. I just wanted to check in and let you all know we're alive.

We were lucky enough to get to go visit my Grandma Audrey for her 82nd birthday! My sister Kate and my parents were also there. I am really grateful that Amos was able to meet his only surviving Great Grandparent, and I can't wait to tell him about all of his great grandparents someday. There is a lot to blog about from our trip, so more to come!