Friday, August 22, 2008

Staycation All I Ever Wanted

We're back from our Staycation. It was awesome. I am not sure if there ever was a better vacation.

It started with Meg's 18th Birthday party on Sunday night. It was Hollywood/Movie Star themed, perfect for Mega. Amos especially liked the party favors.

Next it was on to pedicures and massages for the girls, and 4-wheeling for the boys on Monday morning. Eric got hurt 4-wheeling, but the boys claim it didn't ruin their trip. Nothing could have ruined our massages and pedicures. There was lots of good eating all week, but the highlight had to be Melting Pot on Monday night.

Tuesday morning the non-babies, non-pregas, and non-grandmas went ziplining. They said they'll have to do it again so they could spend less time being scared, and more time enjoying it.

Wednesday was Waterpark Wednesday. We opened up Roaring Rapids, and some stayed ALL day until it closed. Amos, Eric, and I only made it a few hours =) Amos got so tired he was practically falling asleep in the kiddie pool. Eric had to be a spectator due to his injuries, so we had a full time photographer with us, just what you want when you're 7 months pregnant rocking the swimsuit.

Thursday the boys and girls split again. The girls went to Graples, the most amazing home decorating store on the planet, and the boys went shooting.

We drove home last night and slept good and long. My vote is for staycations from here on out.

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Chris and Deveney said...

staycation sounds awesome, i want one! how are you feeling these days?? I am so over being big, i want to wear my skinny jeans!! amos is so cute in the pictures, he is getting big-miss you guys!