Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Staycation '08

We're alive and very well! Its a long story, but our summer camping trip turned into a "Staycation" at my parents house (so, its technically only a staycation for them). We've been very busy, but all good busy.

We've become regulars at the local shaved ice shack in Eagle. The ice is good, but there is a really nice little park to eat it at, so that is even better. (L-R Liz Iverson, Meg Shaver, Laura Horne, Carrie Iverson, and Grammy Shaver.)

There is a great little fountain by the shaved ice shack, and it is perfect for entertaining babies while everyone else enjoys their ice.

Amos loves shaved ice and the fountain, but he especially likes shaved ice in the fountain.

Eric had an accident during the boys' 4-wheeling trip, and he has been paying for it ever since. I'll spare you having to look at the actual wounds, they are not pretty.

We've still got lots of activities left on our schedule, so I would imagine there will be more to post about soon...

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The Vincents said...

Laura! You're preggers again! Congrats!!!!! Cute blog!