Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So proud

Our biggest accomplishment lately: fitting two cars in the garage! Since we moved to the new house there has been way too much stuff in the garage to get the cars in there too. As we've walked around our new neighborhood we noticed almost everyone had too much stuff in their garage to get their cars in there too. It made me sad, and determined to not follow the crowd. This is our first garage, and we're going to use it. We took a little trip to home depot and some heavy duty shelving later, two cars (SUVs I might add) in the garage, with the door shut.

Now I just have to try really hard to not hit anything getting in and out of the garage =)


Chris and Deveney said...

yeah for a garage! I am so jealous-a garage would be amazing, good work that you can still keep a bunch of stuff in it and 2 cars! very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Have fun squeezing your car in! - I have a carport at my apartment that I have to share with one other person who parks terribly. But it's always an adventure to squeeze in and not hit the columns!