Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big week for the basement

There isn't a lot to show but a really large bill, but we just got the biggest basement project finished. We had to outsource on this one, but I am pretty sure it was worth every penny. Now we have a great big open room ready to be finished.

Pretty much we rearranged all of the duct work, water heater, furnace, and gas lines in the basement. I would really like to talk to the person who built our house to see what he/she could possibly have been thinking???

The "before" with the trunk line idiotically placed in the center of the ceiling severely hindering the ceiling height for the entire length of the room:

The "after" with the trunk line tucked nicely against the wall where it can easily be hidden:

Amos and the only thing to show for his college education fund (just kidding!):

Anyway, the AC is back on, the vents are all in working order and now I won't see Eric for a few weeks because he is sooo anxious to get back to work.

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