Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Standing Room Only

Amos has started to let go of things to stand on his own. It is so funny, mostly because as soon as he realizes he's doing it, he just tips over. For the most part he pulls up on something else, and then lets go. Last night, for the first time, he just stood up right in the middle of the floor. Eric and I were both watching, and we just sucked in our breath waiting for the tumble. He stood there for just a minute, then slowly sat back down. It was awesome!


Ashley said...

This is such a fun time! Take lots of pictures and bring out the video camera when you can!

Susan said...

I love him...he's a total rock star with that stance.

So cute.

Good luck with basement number two. You are lapping us in so many ways. We are still on basement #1 and baby #1. We'll catch up...one of these days.