Monday, June 2, 2008

It finally happened

I got peed on while changing Amos' diaper. We almost made it 8 months! Eric's been peed on a few times, my favorite being the time Amos got his pillow in the middle of the night (who changes a baby in their bed??). Anyway, it was my first time, and I feel like I've been dubbed a knight or something.

For those of you who thought you saw enough of the teal maternity skirt last summer, its back!:
I got invited to join a walking group in our neighborhood with some other moms. It is great, BUT, they meet at 7 a.m.! I had to wake Amos up to put him in his stroller this morning. It was a beautiful morning, and I am glad I went. Amos was very confused, but I think he had a good time too. Eric loves it because he actually gets to see us in the morning.

Here is Amos before I woke him this morning:


Chris and Deveney said...

awesome. glad amos could finally make you feel like part of the peed on club. I would hold on to that skirt, there are no maternity skirts this summer-i have been looking and looking and there is nothing like that, just long and comfy-lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I never got peed on all the years I babysat until last month--Todd's nephew. He was only like 4 months old and I swear he smiled right after he peed on me. I had to laugh! Love the skirt! I'll e-mail you about the Sundance girls reunion!!

EHorne said...

This seems appropriate: