Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Settling in slowly

It feels like our lives have been total chaos lately, and they're slowly coming back into control. Moving two days after getting home from vacation coinciding with the start of a new school semester for Eric and the flu/cold for the whole family really put us all out of whack. Its amazing we got anything done, but then I remember that we had amazing friends and family to help us through all of it.

My Dad wins the grand prize for moving a million boxes (that were packed too heavy) while Eric was at work. He had a pregnant lady, Grammy, and a baby to help him, so its safe to say he did a lot of work! Grammy held her own when it came to packing though. I smile as I unpack every box she packed and think about her packing it.

Serious props go to the moving crew. They moved all of our furniture in less than 2 hours! Thanks Miles and Kendra Wright, David and Britni Brown, S. Robert Johnson, Brett Barrett, and Alison and Justin Fagnant.

We're very slowly settling in the new house, so here are just a couple pictures of the things we have gotten finished:

The library. We didn't buy a single new book. I have NO idea where all of those books were hiding in the Provo house. Like I said, my Dad moved a lot of over-packed boxes.

The family room. Our t.v. finally has a room big enough for it. Its still ridiculously large, but it doesn't look so ridiculous anymore.


The Jensen Family said...

wow Laura, the house is coming along-it looks great! I think I will be coming out in July so I will have to see it then, maybe we can have a BBQ or something?? Take care!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your library! It looks SO great! And sweet TV, too!! I want to set up a "sundance girls" reunion sometime soon--you in?