Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Best Toys

Last Saturday night Eric and I rented a movie and popped it in the DVD player. We couldn't figure out why it didn't work.

Nah, it wasn't really Amos' fault, but he is thoroughly enjoying the dvd/vcr being unplugged and exposed. Notice the huge piles of toys being ignored.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I try to make it a point to keep my opinions regarding politics, religion, etc. to myself. I feel like if there were an exception, today would be the day.

When we flew home from Pennsylvania, the flight attendant took a moment to announce over the loud speaker that we had a soldier returning home on our plane. Everyone on the plane clapped and cheered for him. I was very touched, and reminded how amazing I think the men and women who serve our country are.

I think it is so easy to criticize our leaders, and of course most people would say war is a very bad thing. I think that as unpleasant as it is, the war is necessary to try to protect those who can't protect themselves and to maintain our freedom.

Truthfully, I think there is a lot that none of know about this war, and I am grateful for that. I know I do not have it in me to make the kind of decisions that need to made. I am sad the Pres. Bush has had to endure so much criticism for the decisions he didn't want to make any more than rest of us would have.

No matter what your feelings, I hope you're all enjoying your day, and taking time to remember those who gave their lives to protect ours.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Amos Hearts Pop

This picture just surfaced from our trip to PA. Amos got to visit Grace Park Elementary School where Eric's Dad is principal, and he loved every second of it. He was famous there...everyone already new his name. I think its safe to say he met every student and teacher there.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Settling in slowly

It feels like our lives have been total chaos lately, and they're slowly coming back into control. Moving two days after getting home from vacation coinciding with the start of a new school semester for Eric and the flu/cold for the whole family really put us all out of whack. Its amazing we got anything done, but then I remember that we had amazing friends and family to help us through all of it.

My Dad wins the grand prize for moving a million boxes (that were packed too heavy) while Eric was at work. He had a pregnant lady, Grammy, and a baby to help him, so its safe to say he did a lot of work! Grammy held her own when it came to packing though. I smile as I unpack every box she packed and think about her packing it.

Serious props go to the moving crew. They moved all of our furniture in less than 2 hours! Thanks Miles and Kendra Wright, David and Britni Brown, S. Robert Johnson, Brett Barrett, and Alison and Justin Fagnant.

We're very slowly settling in the new house, so here are just a couple pictures of the things we have gotten finished:

The library. We didn't buy a single new book. I have NO idea where all of those books were hiding in the Provo house. Like I said, my Dad moved a lot of over-packed boxes.

The family room. Our t.v. finally has a room big enough for it. Its still ridiculously large, but it doesn't look so ridiculous anymore.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Goodbye House

Dollhouse and Provo House. We finished up all the little details at the Provo house just as the new tenants were showing up. It is such a relief to finally be all the way moved and have all of the little projects finished. I also got rid of my doll house today. It was a good little project in my childless, houseless days, but now there is just too much other stuff on my plate. I hope the family that got it will have time to love it.

Hello Springville.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A few more from PA

I finally unpacked my camera and camera cord, so here are a few pics from our Pennsylvania trip that were on my camera.

The Joys of Tile

Things are different in the new house, Smiley here is learning all about tile floors. Check out that bruise on his noggin!

Monday, May 12, 2008

So busy!

Whew. We have been busy. The first of May we went to Pennsylvania (and Delaware) for a week. Eric and his Dad have an annual fishing trip that they have been doing for many years, and this year was no exception. While the boys fished I got to stay with my sister Kate. Amos even learned to drive while we were there. Pop is pretty nice to share his new truck!

We had a blast, with one major setback. Right before we left Eric seemed to have food poisoning. We didn't take any precautions since food poisoning isn't contagious, and we all ended up with the worst flu I've ever experienced in my life. Poor Amos was sick and cutting new *top* teeth. If there is ever a good time to be that sick it is when you're visiting family though. Nan and Aunt Laurie took great care of Amos so I could be sick in peace.

While we were in Philadelphia we got to see Eddie Izzard, our favorite comedian. He is very funny, but I don't know if it was the sickness or what, but I was pretty miserable at the show. It was pretty cool to see him in person though. I've only seen DVDs or t.v. shows he was on. (He makes an appearance on Ocean's 12-13).

In spite of all the sickness, the Hornes threw Amos a bbq and a lot of the family got to come meet him. It was good food and good company for sure.

Eric's parents, sister Laurie, Eric, and Amos: