Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Next Blog

Have you ever clicked "Next Blog" from your own blog? I hadn't until today. I actually found it quite entertaining. Apparently it changes every time you do it, but when I did it for the first time today it was funny.

After my blog is a blog belonging to "Aubrey." Aubrey is particularly noteworthy because she is a returned missionary from the LDS Church. Seriously, what are the chances?

After Anna's mission blog is a German blog. Its in German, which I do not speak, but I think its about architecture.

After Eric's blog is a very peculiar blog that I can't altogether figure out. Its in English, yet so very foreign. I think it belongs to a man who collects stuff of some sort.

I have really enjoyed blogging, and I think it is so cool that so many other people do it as well. Its a very cool way to keep in touch, keep up on a hobby, or to journal. Thank you blogger.

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EHorne said...

I think the next button sends you to random blogs - when I hit next I get a different blog each time.