Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Baby Horne

We had an ultrasound to check out the new baby this morning. "It" looks good, but is a week younger than we had thought. Stealing a week from a pregnant woman is really mean.

My favorite picture. The tech said, "looks its a gummy bear!"

This is a cute little profile of the baby's face. I could see this one all by myself.

I have no idea what this picture is of. I was paying attention, but I didn't understand.

Monday, April 28, 2008


We closed on the new house today. Let the packing begin! Our moving date will be May 10th, so now there is a deadline in sight. We used all of the moving boxes we had for the stuff in Eric's office. Somehow we've managed to accumulate A LOT of stuff since we've lived in this house. I remember when we first got married I moved everything I owned in my car. I guess we're going to need some more boxes.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Amos' New Friend

His shadow! He loves it. He crawls over to his shadow and pulls up on the wall to get close to it. It is pretty funny.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


It snowed today. I can't believe it. We had to break out Amos' brown bear so he wouldn't freeze. I really, really, really hate the snow and winter. Crashing my car twice a winter probably has something to do with that. Seriously though, Mother Nature I have moved on, you should too.

In other news I got this very fitting fortune at dinner tonight:

Some of you already know this, but Eric, Amos, and I are expecting another addition. A new baby Horne is due November of this year! I suppose being a "warm" person might have led to this development =) You'll have to ask Eric about that.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Next Blog

Have you ever clicked "Next Blog" from your own blog? I hadn't until today. I actually found it quite entertaining. Apparently it changes every time you do it, but when I did it for the first time today it was funny.

After my blog is a blog belonging to "Aubrey." Aubrey is particularly noteworthy because she is a returned missionary from the LDS Church. Seriously, what are the chances?

After Anna's mission blog is a German blog. Its in German, which I do not speak, but I think its about architecture.

After Eric's blog is a very peculiar blog that I can't altogether figure out. Its in English, yet so very foreign. I think it belongs to a man who collects stuff of some sort.

I have really enjoyed blogging, and I think it is so cool that so many other people do it as well. Its a very cool way to keep in touch, keep up on a hobby, or to journal. Thank you blogger.

Monday, April 21, 2008

What we've been up to...

We've been staying pretty busy doing a whole lot of nothing.

Amos is up to general cuteness. He is crawling and into absolutely everything. My computer time has been drastically cut down by his interest in my laptop. Its bad if I'd rather hide my computer than try to use it around him.

Amos is thriving on solid foods, and sweet potatoes are his absolute favorite.

Eric's birthday was yesterday, and I have to admit, I am quite proud of myself. I secretly arranged for our neighbor to watch Amos while Eric and I went to brunch with Brett and Derek. Brunch is Eric's absolute favorite...where else can you get watermelon and bacon on the same plate? I also got Eric a new polo to wear to brunch.

i love eric

Friday, April 18, 2008

So...We're Moving.

Not far. Less than 7 miles to Springville, Utah. (Yeah, we clocked it.)

In an effort to make 2008 another crazy year, we're moving again! It is very exciting, but I can't downplay how sad I feel about leaving our great neighbors and friends either. I know I can still see them, but they won't be so close. I really hope everyone will still come visit us.

It all started when Eric and I got this silly idea to start looking around to see what was available in this crazy market we kept hearing about. It wasn't long before we fell in love, and put in an offer.

We'll close at the end of this month, and move in the middle of May. Probably. The best part is that there is another basement for us to finish!

You're all invited to our housewarming party...eventually.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boise Again. (Again).

Last week Eric, Amos and I went to Boise to see my family. Tickets were cheap on Southwest, so it seemed like a good time for Beanie to learn to fly.

Grammy wasted no time trying to feed Amos. We hadn't really tried solids before, so it was interesting to say the least.

It wouldn't be a Boise trip without a picture of my nieces playing on my laptop. This time Amos got in on the action.

Amos LOVED my Mom's dogs. We tried to teach him to say, "Ewoks."

Babymoon Revisited.

Last May Eric and I took our first vacation as married people, that wasn't to see family. We traveled a ton our first couple years of marriage, but family was always involved.

We went to New York, because I had been dying to see Wicked on Broadway. We took a dinner cruise of New York Harbor, and did all kinds of other sightseeing and shopping. Most notably, we bought a "I Heart NY" onesie for the little pea of a baby that was growing in my tummy. We had all kinds of ideas what the baby would be like, but I never ever would have imagined the Bean. He's finally grown into the onesie, and it is awesome.

My Birthday

This is so late...but I can't let it go without mention. Eric threw me an awesome birthday this year! I told him I wanted a bbq, and those happen to be his specialty. I was really grateful for all of my good friends who came to celebrate with me (and to eat Eric's food).

My birthday cake said, "Best Wishes." It looked lonely at Costco. It tasted good. Somehow this is the only picture of me from the whole night, so here I am in all my 24-year-old glory (and Brett and Derek too).

I am sure Kelli will appreciate this picture of her eating, but I love it!

Somehow Chris ended up all alone in the living room:

The weather wasn't fantastic, so everyone jammed into our little house. No one seemed to mind.