Friday, February 29, 2008

We're Back

Amos and I took a little vacation with my parents this week. My Dad has always wanted to see St. George, so we headed south. I wasn't sure how I felt about St. George as a tourist destination, but 60 degree weather and sunshine was just what I needed. I am so over winter.

We stopped at Fort Cove/Cove Fort? on the way down to St. George. It was a really cool place, with a cool history.

We saw all of the Church historical sites in St. George. The Temple was gorgeous. It stood out against the red rock in the most amazing way. I am a sucker for palm trees.

Grammy and her little buddy:

A hike in Provo canyon:

My favorite picture of all, Beanie was beat after all of the adventures.

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Anonymous said...

I'm over winter/snow too...YUCK!!!! Looks like you had FUN in the sun! I'm jealous!