Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'm Addicted

To Digi Scrapping. Ridiculous, I know. How many of you said I would turn into a scrapbooker, and I adamantly denied it. I was sure I wouldn't get into it, because I am horrible at it. It is also a very expensive hobby. Digital scrapbooking, however, is something I can handle. If there is one thing I know, its computers (thanks to a scheduling mix-up in the 6th grade that put me in a computer class meant for nerds). I have also found access to many free downloads of "supplies." So, if I'm not blogging, you can bet I am Digi Scrapping.


EHorne said...

I love you Digi Dork!

Anonymous said...

I think that page was totally cute! And for those of us (i.e. ME!) who can't cut a straight line to save our lives, digi scrapping just might be the way to go! Is there a website or something that has templates?

Laura Horne said...

Googling "digital scrapbooking" brings a plethora of results, but the best site I've found so far is:

Its lots of fun! (And very good for the artistically challenged, I can't cut straight either).