Thursday, November 15, 2007

6 Weeks Old

Amos is 6 weeks old. Its a good time. A few reasons why 6 weeks old is great:

1. He has gotten so much bigger, he doesn't seem so fragile and scary.
2. He has started to smile, which is very rewarding.
3. He slept through the night last night! (I know, probably a fluke, but it was great).
4. Eric and I are so much more comfortable with him. You learn a lot in 6 weeks.

(He is such a happy child)

(When he finally stopped screaming, he wouldn't look at me. What does that tell you?)

For a comparison, see the three weeks picture.


Laura Denner said...

Too cute! Thanks for always posting when I have nothing to do at work and feel like "wasting time". I love Amos' outfit! I think I would like a sweat shirt that looks just like that.

Susan said...

So cute!!! He is getting so big! I cannot believe that he has not met his new BFF, Oliver. We are only a few weeks ahead of you, so we are total rookies, but so far, it gets better and better.