Monday, October 15, 2007

The Shaver Family meets Amos

Amos met all the Shavers this week. Grandma and Grandpa Shaver and The Iversons (Liz, Josh, Carrie, Ali, and Morgan) came down from Boise. The Sookhoos (Kate and Steve) came from Delaware. I tried to find some variety, but the pictures are all the same =)

Grandma Shaver loves Amos! She held him all through Conference.

Amos and his cousin Morgan. She is 6 months older than him.

Cousin Morgan checks Amos out (and Aunt Kate).

Cousin Carrie is such a little mom! She is really good at taking care of Amos and Morgan.

Grandpa Shaver proved to have the magic touch with calming Amos down.

Uncle Steve woke Amos up from a deep sleep to pester him. I don't know if we want Amos learning from Uncle Steve...


Kris said...

I still can't believe Steve Sokhoo (sp?) is your borther in law. Crazy. He is such a nice guy, and what a great family.
I wish I could meet Amos...

Laura Denner said...

I totally understand! Maybe someday I will be out of school and not have homework to build my life around. But next time you are coming let me know for sure and I will make my best effort to come wherever you are!