Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Nursery

We did a lot of work in Amos' room today...he has a bed, drawers, and a place for Mommy to sit while she holds him. He even has a few friends in there awaiting his arrival. If anyone can remember the puke green room, this is it! No longer puke green, and it has freshly cleaned carpets.
The "IV" stands for the fourth, as in Amos Johnson Horne, the Fourth. Eric wants him brainwashed from a very young age the importance of his name. Eric painted the letters himself.


Susan said...

I love the nursery!!! It is perfect---all you need now is a baby.

HANG IN THERE SISTER!!! Enjoy your sleep while you can!

daniel said...

If the child turns out to be a girl, you can name her Ivy and you only have to add one letter.

Speaking of one letter, is the "e" in your blog subtitle supposed to be enunciated, or is it silent? Just wondering.

Laura and Eric said...

Enunciated. Of course. Duh Daniel.