Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's fishing night

On Thursdays Eric goes fishing with "the guys." I am not sure exactly what happens on these nights, but the car usually comes back a lot dirtier (inside and out).

Usually I enjoy fishing nights, because it means I am home alone and can watch crappy t.v. without Eric whining. I can eat whatever I want without him worrying about the baby too. Usually I have to work on Thursdays though. I was off today, so I had all day of being home alone, and now a nighttime of being alone is not that appealing.

At least I was very constructive today:

1. I went to Walmart, which is an incredible journey.
2. I put the spackling in the cracks/gaps/nail holes in the baseboards that Eric put up in the bathroom yesterday (i.e. finished the baseboards). Now we can put in the sink, toilet, and counters!!
3. I painted the trim in Amos' room. We're one step closer to being rid of those hideous yellow-green walls and being ready for baby. I can't wait to get the nursery ready.

Well, re-runs of "The Hills" here I come. Oh well, I guess this is good practice for maternity leave.

The 'rents new digs

My parents are moving to Boise, Idaho =( I am very excited to have them closer, but I will really miss Eugene. Maybe I'll have to reestablish the family there someday. At the very least I have a nice place to stay when I visit Boise!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The buns got in trouble today. One of our neighbors was not happy they were in her yard =( How could you not like little visitors like Roger and Sonic? I guess we're officially bad neighbors.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Life in the great outdoors

The bunnies have started their new lives in the backyard...Roger clearly has no intentions of returning to captivity.

They seem really happy, and just play all day and all night. They have escaped a few times, which is very stressful. The neighbors have a very big rottweiler, and they like to taunt him, just outside the reach of his chain.

Eric is the greatest husband in the world, and on top of working hard in the basement he bunny proofed the backyard, so there would be no more escapees. Thank heavens for chicken wire.


Eric has been busy and I have been taking very long naps. Is it really my fault if I can only stay awake for three hours at a time?

The basement is progressing nicely...the tile in the bathroom and the closet are laid, and Home Depot measured for carpet. Since we were a little overanxious about buying furniture, we already have that, so once the flooring is in, we're almost done!

I did take a break from all of my napping to watch the premiere of High School Musical 2. I have to say, I was a little disappointed. Zac Efron's blue eyes are only entertaining for so long. Oh well. 2 hours of my life are gone.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The "Dance"

It's about time for a tribute to Sundance on here. I have worked there for most of my adult life (one internship during college, and ever since graduation), so its pretty much my resume at this point.

Aside for paying for my bills, Sundance has provided many a date night for Eric and I. They just finished their Outdoor Film Festival summer series, which is our favorite. Free movies under the stars, it doesn't get any better than that. We found our new favorite movie..."Kinky Boots." We highly recommend it.

Completely unrelated to my career there, Eric took me to Zoom (Sundance's restaurant in Park City) on our first date, so even the food has a special place in my heart. Zoom is "our place" now, so if we're celebrating a special occasion, look for us there. We like to eat at the other restaurants and deli any chance we get. If you're looking for a way into Eric's heart, take him to the Foundry Grill.

I could go on forever, so I'll end this. Sundance is a great place! and no, I don't know where Robert Redford's house is.

Monday, August 13, 2007

More August notables (in no particular order)...

1. Much progress has been made in the basement:
We sanded (bring on the white lung)
The walls are primed waiting for paint (the color is "angelic")
The ceiling is textured (and looks like a real ceiling!)

2. We got massages last Saturday. Two firsts for me: 1. A male therapist 2. A prenatal massage on my side. I realized I don't think much about the therapist during the massage. I am so zoned out, it doesn't make much difference. Being on my side is ok, I would love to have the pressure off of my back though.

3. We saw Paige and Chris! Paige is our bestest friend who moved away to get married to a very handsome doctor. We can't compete with that. We forgive you Chris.

4. The bunnies moved outside. They just make too much trouble inside the house. I think they will be a lot happier in the fresh air where they won't get yelled at for doing bunny things.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

August Already?

We've been busy! I wish it meant that our basement is finished, but its not. Someday soon. We're holding off on the pictures until then.

We saw the Bourne Ultimatum last weekend. It was AMAZING. I might be a little partial, but it was my favorite movie of the summer. Amos liked it too...he was kicking and punching up a storm in my tummy. He thinks he's a secret agent too. You have to love a movie where you get to see Matt Damon, laugh a little, get scared a little, and watch Julia Stiles get her crap kicked.

Aside from Matty, we've had a little Homer in our lives. Eric made sure we got to see the Simpson's Movie opening weekend. It was good, but no Bourne Ultimatum.

Our newest food obsession is McDonalds. I know, I am like 10 years behind on that fad, but their burgers are $0.79! The other huge plus is that they carry powerade, none of that lemonade crap as a soda alternative. The Cracker Barrel is also getting a huge portion of our time and money these days. Eric tries not to order the meatloaf every time, and on his one success I ordered it and he ate mine anyway. The best part about the CB is that we can usually talk some friends into going with us. We have to alternate which friends come with us, because no one can keep up with our eating.

Other notables:
1. We went to the pet store and didn't buy any bunnies, even though they had two really cute ones.
2. Our garden is producing very yummy tomatoes.
3. 8 weeks until Amos comes!
4. So far, we've used 25 gallons of mud on our drywall, and we are going strong.
5. Eric finally replaced his cellphone and is back in communication with the outside world.

This post wouldn't be complete without a bunny pic: