Monday, May 18, 2015

First Piano Recital


At the end of March, Maggie's Kindergarten teacher (who is the most amazing teacher on earth) hosted a kindergarten piano recital. She'd taught ALL of the kids how to play a song and then taught them presentation skills. It was special and adorable, even if they all played the same song.

Ward clapped and cheered after every performance. The kids loved it.

After about four kids went, Audrey turned to me and said, "this song, again?"

The kids had the cutest little spread of cookies and punch for us and we left happy and uplifted.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mags Joins the Lost Tooth Club

Way back in March, Maggie lost her first tooth.

And in true Maggie fashion, she made art to commemorate the occasion. That's how she rolls.

I've taken so long to blog this, she already has another, very wiggly tooth.

Family on the Go

Forgive my phrasing, but the Hornes have been getting around these past few months. We've been so lucky to get to go and do lots of things, but more importantly to see lots of people that are important to us (Jeff Probst, I'm looking at you [just kidding, we haven't been to see him yet-soon!]).

Interestingly enough, life didn't go as planned for us earlier this year and as I shook my fists at God, one of the first things I said to Eric was, "wah! we're not going to be able to travel or go anywhere or do anything." I was overreacting, but at the same time, I feel like these opportunities we've had to go places have been a direct result of that fist shaking. Not that God rewards fist shaking, but that He remembers us, even if we're sure He hasn't. Even when it seems like there will be no way, He finds a way to make one for us.

Anyway, Eric is going to hate this post, but I want to remember that experience. It was important to me and I grew from it.

So, since pictures of cute kids can redeem just about anything, here you go:

And what's that there by my luggage in the closet?

Why, it's a weird nakey boy hiding from his bath! Duh.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


This March marked the third time the Tulip festival has rolled around since we moved to Washington. The first year we were still in temporary housing and knew nothing about anything, and last year, even though the Tulip festival did cross my radar, we didn't make it. As they say, the third time is the charm.

Nan and Pop Horne came for a visit in March, and because of the early bloom they were able to join us for our day trip up to the tulips. I don't know if they think that was lucky or not?

We did get great weather, but being early spring in Washington, things were still a bit wet. And muddy.

Funny enough, the first field we approached was actually daffodils. From the car one might assume yellow tulips (at the tulip festival), but nope.

We kept walking though, and did find the tulips. They were so cool.

All was well, for the most part. Until we chose the road less traveled.

Turns out there is a reason for that.

And my mom wonders why I travel with a change of clothes for each of the kids. If I was really on top of things I'd have a portable shower in the back of my car.

One of the coolest parts of the festival were the "display gardens." I have zero desire to work in a garden, but gosh I like looking at them.

We're going again next year for sure!

Dance Class Hot Pants

One of my most favorite things to do is dress my girls. Sometimes I feel hobby-less and talent-less, but truth be told, I am fantastic at shopping and outfitting.

When Grammy and I spotted these workout clothes at Old Navy, there was no doubt they'd be awesome for Maggie and Audrey. Thanks Grammy!

Yes, Audrey is "massaging" Maggie.

Friday, May 1, 2015

We Had Chickens

This is old news, but it came up today, and it made me remember. Today Ward had an evaluation for his speech therapy, and one of the pictures he had to identify was a bird. Of course, he kept saying,

"Chicken! chicken!"

I felt the need to explain it for the moderator, "well, we have chickens, so he knows that word. Well, we had chickens."

A couple months ago some sort of predator (we think racoon) started picking off the chickens one by one. It was brutal. It wasn't long until we were left with one lonely chicken. We were able to find her a home, so she's happy and safe. As we chased her around the yard to catch her that one last time, I found myself so very glad that was the last time I'd have to deal with a chicken.

Eric loved the chickens, but it was just never worth it to me. Especially the time I called my neighbor to borrow an egg and had to acknowledge that yes, that was my chicken on her patio. =)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Family Dance at the Elementary School

The PTSA at Amos and Maggie's school has put on some really fun events this year, but the "Family Dance" was the best by far. During the week prior to the dance, the kids spent their PE time learning dances to do at the dance. I was so impressed with all the kids learned in a short amount of time and I LOVED watching them do their dances. It seriously took me back to my EFY days. (To think, I once I had a job where partying at two dances a week all summer long was a requirement!)

Before the dance we had pizza dinner and a chance to check out our "dance party accessories" we bought. The glow in the dark glasses, temporary tattoos, and glow jewelry were a hit.

Once the party started, Maggie won the night getting in the professional photographer's pictures:

She and a group of her friends were up front, right by the DJ the whole night. They were adorable.

Losing the dance party night were Eric and Audrey. They left the party to play outside on the playground, and had their own kind of fun though.

It was a great time, and I might need to start chaperoning youth dances to get my fix or something...