Thursday, December 24, 2015

2015-The BIG Finish

After one last Target run for necessities, we packed up Christmas Eve and headed to the airport. We waited until nearly the last minute to have Grammy and Grampy Shaver tell the kids we were ALL going to meet in Florida for Christmas. There was a little hesitation about whether Santa would know how to find them, but with a little reassurance everyone was on board.

It's really far from Seattle to Orlando. We flew ALL day and into the night.

Luckily, we had lots of entertainment to keep us occupied.

We arrived safe and sound, just in time to hurry the kids to bed so Santa could come.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The December Plague

December was not all vacations and holiday bliss. We had some major sickness go through our house. It actually started in November with Eric getting strep throat THREE TIMES. The poor guy would get sick, do a round of antibiotics, be healthy for a week, and then start the process all over again. Amazingly enough, none of us got it until the third time. In December. It morphed into an ear infection for some of us, and in Ward's case, impetigo. I actually saw it as kind of a good thing, because we'd all completed antibiotics just before we traveled for Christmas. It didn't save us from a flu bug in Florida though =( More on that to come...

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Hotel 2015

Our second annual "Christmas Hotel" stay did not disappoint. For a little tradition history, see here.

I decided this year that the Christmas hotel is my present. The eating out, room service, maid service, and city living is exactly what I want. The kids like the pool. We all like the decorations.

We stayed at the Fairmont Olympic again, and I'm not sure we weren't even in the same rooms as last year.

One new thing I introduced this year was the kids' Christmas Jammies being given out for sleeping at the Christmas hotel. I've always done it on Christmas eve, but then it didn't make a lot of sense when the kids kept wearing them after the fact. This year they got a solid couple of weeks of jammie wearing in before they became out of season.

Thank goodness the room service was the same =) Complimentary cookies and milk for the kids. We threw a couple other things on the order since they were coming all the way up to our room anyway.

Eric about died when he saw the bellhop pull Cecil out of our trunk (he wasn't there when I packed). I thought it was convenient Ward brought his own bed.

The decorations at the hotel are amazing during the holidays. 

It totally feels magical.

We did venture out of the hotel for a little bit, but not too much. We had our traditional dinner at P.F. Chang's, rode the carousel, played on the playground, and added an Anthropologie stop.

The kids were happiest swimming in the pool, and I was happiest observing from the hot tub. It was a great weekend, I just think it should happen more often than once a year!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas 2015-School Happenings

I am seriously missing the holidays and all of the fun that went with them...

Amos and Maggie had a holiday spirit day:

I am so happy with their elementary school and it's administrators (especially the principal-I might have just attended an informational meeting where there were ANGRY, ANGRY parents and he handled them like a BOSS. They were too angry to notice, but I wasn't). I was also pleasantly surprised that Audrey let Maggie borrow her dance recital tutu. I thought that was very nice of her. 

Audrey's class did the classic pajama party and Polar Express viewing:

Audrey and Ward's school is a private Christian school, and they put on a very nice Christmas recital. I died a little bit as I watched Ward's teacher wrestle him through the entire thing. They sat in their classes until they performed, and they had the 3s class perform near the very end. Brutal!

Also, Ward gave his best bud a good two handed shove during their performance. It was adorable. And so naughty. Mostly adorable though.

Finally, Santa paid a visit to the underprivileged youth of Ward and Audrey's private school (read: incredibly privileged). He brought them all huge presents! I could hardly believe it when I picked Ward up and he came running hauling Cecil the lion, which he could barely lift. Audrey got a really fancy jewelry making kit. The kids loved it, but I had a hard time explaining to Amos and Maggie why Santa didn't like their school. Cecil is a big hit around here though, and Ward, who comes into our bed each and every night, sometimes brings Cecil too. Our bed isn't too crowded at all.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Snowflake Lane 2015

Keeping with the one year tradition, we attended Snowflake Lane in Bellevue again this year. We love it. The drum-line seriously gets me in the holiday spirit. We eat dinner before at P.F. Chang's, then wander the streets a bit until the show starts. This year we hit the Container Store and bought some much needed storage (so random!).

It's so cool how close you are to the show!

The snow princesses are always a favorite:

The best part of Snowflake Lane are...the snowflakes! It faux snows at the end of every show =)

Friday, December 4, 2015

Audrey's Christmas Dance Recital

On the Saturday between the two church parties, Audrey had her Christmas dance recital. Audrey was the only one who wanted to dance again this year, so I switched her to a class a friend teaches closer by. Another unexpected bonus is that they do two recitals a year, instead of just one at the very end.

Audrey loves it, and it's great to see her so happy.

She might be in it for the flowers ;)