Saturday, November 15, 2014

Halloween 2014

Is it just me, or is Halloween getting super huge?  So many parties and events come with it these days.  For us it's all good, the more chances to wear our costumes, the merrier.

The first event for us this year was the ward Trunk or Treat.  Generally, one of my most favorite events, it was so sad to be surrounded by strangers and in an uncomfortable situation in our new ward.  I really, really miss they days in Springville when it was our kids and all of their BFFs.  And it wasn't pitch black.  Or raining.

The kids had a great time though, and I cannot believe how much candy they got!

There was lots of robot dancing, as you might imagine.  Wardie got pretty good at it.

Poor Audrey cannot catch a photogenic break these days. 

"Put it in the bucket."

"In the bucket."

"Huh? Ok."


Of course it rained during the "trunk or treat" portion of the evening, so the kids came home looking like drowned rats.  Very happy drowned rats.

We had just settled into bed with our candy when the power went out (and stayed out for over 24 hours, not unusual).  We have a generator, so we only needed the lantern for the 5 minutes it took Eric and Amos to get the power back on, but the girls thought it was pretty great.

The next event of Halloween was pumpkin carving.  Kids love it, I loathe it (much like Easter egg dyeing).  So much mess.

At least they're cute.  Probably about they time they stop being so spazzy they'll also stop being that cute.  Balance in all things.  Ward slept late that night, which was a gift.  He spent most of pumpkin mess time eating his dinner.

This year, we were SO lucky to make it to the school for ALL of the Halloween festivities.  I helped in Amos' class and Eric took Ward and Audrey to the party in Maggie's class.  It was crazy chaos, but so fun.

Amos is dead center:

Part of the celebrations is a Halloween parade.  The classes file through the other classes one at a time, then they join the end of the parade and continue on until the whole school is parading.  It's fun, and it worked out pretty great that Kindergarten and First grade were right in a row.  

Wardie managed to join the parade and it was super cute.  

Maggie on parade:

Second to last event of Halloween was trick or treating downtown.  It's really one of my most favorite things in Duvall. This year we got so lucky and it was a beautiful afternoon.

After dinner downtown, Eric dropped Ward and I off at home, and he took the big kids out trick or treating.  They made out like bandits once again, and we're still swimming in Halloween candy.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Boo to you!

A most favorite Halloween tradition in Springville was "boo'ing."  I was most pleasantly surprised when last year, our first Halloween in Washington, we got boo'd.  Twice actually, someone tagged us a second time before I got the sign up from the first one.  Basically, you ding dong ditch a treat with a little ghost sign to hang on their door so everyone knows you've been hit, and a note to pass it on.  It's quite simple and fun. 

For Family Home Evening this week, we got our boo on.  In years past, I've put a little more effort into the treat plate.  This year we made plates of "as is" Halloween candy and then spent our time working on the ding dong ditching part.  We had the kids dress in all black, which they thought was quite fun.  As we all loaded up in the dark car though, super bright colorful lights started to flash.  From the back seat, Amos:

"WHO is wearing their light up shoes?????  AUD-REY!!!!!"

It was quite funny.  Truthfully though, we're about as stealth as a herd of elephants, so hopefully our victims have a good sense of humor :)

After the activity we had some awesome cookies Nan and Pop sent us for Halloween.  Some of us still eat with our entire faces.

Bad Hair Day

The night Eric took the three big kids camping I had big plans...I put Ward to bed, turned on Parenthood (LOVE that show) and sat down with some American girl dolls (genuine and faux) to fix some hair.  I actually love projects like this, so it's not nearly as sad as it sounds. 

A while ago I saw a doll hair fix on Pinterest, so I put it to the test.  I didn't even bother measuring the fabric softener.  I filled a squirt bottle 3/4 with water and the rest with the fabric softener.  I sprayed and brushed.  That was it.  It did take the entire episode of Parenthood, however.

I'll let the girls' before and afters speak for themselves.



Maggie gave Sally a terrible, terrible hair cut, so I did trim off those crazy ends and style it.


*Names have not been changed.  We actually call them these names.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Swim Lessons for One

Part of the trade off for Audrey not going to preschool this year was that she would get to do some more activities.  Second on the list after dance class were more swim lessons.  She was so very close to getting it this summer, I thought for sure one more push and she'd have it.  We're a few weeks in, and if she could swim everywhere one her back she'd be golden.  For some reason she has no instinct to come up for air, and just swims until she runs out of gas and then just completely panics.  So, the backstroke works well.

I signed her up for a group lesson, but by some miracle I was the only one who did, so it's just Audrey and her teacher.  Getting private lessons for the group price seems fair considering the money pit this is becoming ;) 

The pool is very quiet with just Audrey's "class" and one other class of two little guys going.  Ward and I enjoy the relaxing time.  For some reason it's become hand holding time.

And, occasionally, pinching time.

It occurred to me that this is the very first time I've only had two kids at any kind of lesson.  By the time Amos was old enough for swim lessons, Maggie and Audrey existed.  There were certainly never any "mommy and me" classes.  There were pretty much always two "me(s)" to this "mommy."  Soccer, dance, t-ball, etc. I've always been hauling at least three kids.  I've got to say, only two is quite nice.