Friday, August 26, 2016

Can I Say A Joke?

**I found this unpublished blog in my didn't have a date, but sometime 4/16-8/16:

Ward has been very into joke telling lately. He always asks permission first, then tells his joke. He's really into knock, knock jokes. He really likes the interrupting cow joke from the movie Home. Almost all of his jokes make no sense.

A little backstory first, our kids loved the elephants at the zoo. They've fed them more than once, and knew their names, etc. Last year the elephants were moved, and eventually one of them died at her new home. The kids were aware enough of the elephants to know this...

So, Ward is telling me knock, knock jokes about basically every animal, and the response is the sound it makes:

W: Knock, knock!

L: Who's there?

W: Duck!

L: Duck who?

W: Quack! Quack!

This went on for quite some time until he got to elephant.

W: Knock, knock!

L: Who's there?

W: Elephant!

L: Elephant who?

W: Elephant dead. (hangs head).

 I guess he didn't know what sound it made.

Still Alive!

Have you seen The Croods? I've only seen it once, but I've heard playing in the back of the car about 5400 times. There is a scene where the Crood family simultaneously yells "STILL ALIVE!" and sometimes I feel the need to start with that...yes, I am still here. (Google "The Croods still alive" if you have no idea what I am talking about).

The minute I joined Instagram I knew it would be the death of my blogging. Truthfully, the thoughts and memories just bounce around in my head until I get them out, and while blogging used to be the choice mode of ejection, Instagram proved much easier. Plus, who needs to see it all twice?

But, as some of you know (from following my Instagram) my computer just killed itself, and I have a newfound awareness of things that matter most.

So, here's to being back to blogging. It will take a little bit as I am still trying to remember all my passwords that were saved on my computer and some things are just important. Like having access to one's bank accounts.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Raingutter Regatta

Not long after Amos' Pinewood Derby win, came the Raingutter Regatta. Poor kid didn't stand a chance with the expectations set sky high. He was pretty upset when it didn't go his way, and a good learning experience followed.

There was still a Horne winner though:

The next Pack meeting found Amos' receiving his Wolf, which means he completed the whole first year. He passed with flying colors and loved every second of it. He's so ready to be a Bear on his next birthday. October can't come soon enough.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring Break Seattle Vacation

Making plans for spring break this year was sort of comical. One thing after another fell through, and all we could do was think of another plan. Traveling far wasn't in the cards, so we headed to Seattle for a couple nights in our favorite hotel. The Fairmont Olympic has been good to us, and it's safe to say the kids are getting quite comfortable there.

The main reason for the hotel (though room service is a close second) is the pool. As soon as we checked in and could change, we headed to the pool for a couple hours.

After swimming, we went to dinner across the street. We've noticed the Benihana on previous visits and always thought it'd be a fun treat sometime when we were at the hotel. When Eric made our reservations it was at the Benihana. By the time we showed up for our reservations, the restaurant had changed its name ;) Hamanasu it was!

Audrey was wiped from the pre-dinner swiml:

After the dinner the kids wanted to swim some more. So they did, until 10 p.m.! They shut the pool down. It was nice to have it all to ourselves =) 

The next morning, after more swimming, we walked down to the aquarium just to change it up a little. We walked around downtown, and then went back for more swimming :) This time we chased our swimming with room service. 

The next morning there was...more swimming! I think they might actually have gotten their fix this time. See you at Christmas, Fairmont Olympic!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Brick by Brick, Spring Break 2016

Our first act of spring break was to check out some Legos. I heard about the Lego "Brick by Brick" event from Groupon, but couldn't really find anything out about it online. Their Internet presence could use some help...I wasn't really sure what we were getting into, but thankfully, it was good. Turns out, it was 7,000 square feet of displays and 500,000 loose Legos to play with, and we had it pretty much to ourselves (according to the staff, visitors on Saturday weren't quite so lucky).

In front of each display were tables of loose Legos. You'd better believe the kids sat and built at each and every table.

I kept telling them they have piles of Legos at home, and they should be checking out the display, but they didn't seem to care.

My favorite:

Amos' favorite:

What was probably most people's favorite:

One thing that became tremendously clear is that I should be spending more time playing Legos...Right?

Sunday, April 10, 2016

An All Too Rare Dad Date

A couple weeks ago the stars aligned, and my life was in order on the same day Eric's work schedule wasn't booked solid. One quick text and Audrey, Ward, and I were headed into the city for lunch with Eric.

We hit up one of our favorites-Cactus. Oh, those flautas.

After lunch, we headed down to Lake Union Park and let the kids run off some energy. And see the seaplanes. Those are always a hit.

You can't tell from this picture, but the kids could see the passengers in the window waving back to them. SO exciting.

A little post-lunch snack (from the Amazon banana cart), and that was it. The time passed way too quickly.

(see previous Dad Dates here and here)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our First Pinewood Derby

So many of the scout "things" hold no appeal for me, and the Pinewood Derby was at the top of that list. I think because I had no idea at all how to approach it...turns out, I didn't have to! It was totally Eric and Amos' deal. That was a whole lot easier to get on board with.

Winning was also easy to get on board with. Those boys of mine made a lightning fast car, and Amos won the night.

The boys made a beautiful car by keeping it simple. And adding weights.

Victory obtained, it was time to pack up and go home.

I found this little gem when I was looking through the pictures, Ward is Amos' biggest and best fan: